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"I have worked with Chris over the past several years in the capacity of buyer broker and real estate developer. He was instrumental in providing both expertise and patience while assisting me on a complex real estate transaction. He demonstrated a keen innate ability to conceptualize space and its possibilities, leading me to a vision of a living environment that fit both my personal desires and living requirements. I know Chris to be an excellent listener, collaborator, and most importantly trusted strategic negotiator."

- Jill Porter

"We took a huge leap of faith, buying our condo from Chris with bare studs and an architect drawing. From that first day through completion Chris was side by side with us as the sketch transformed in to the fabulous reality we now call home.


His contractors, no, amazingly talented craftsmen wrangled by Avery Woodworth, worked with the same care and imagination that Chris brought to the table each and every day. We were not a client, we were a partner, with a singular goal to maximize the beauty and comfort of our condominium.


Were there bumps in the road? Of course there were and they were frustrating, but we never felt like we were facing them alone.


Chris Horan is an imaginative, creative developer with a team of craftsman who make beautiful things come to life."

- John Reagan

"Our experience with Chris Horan was, and continues to be, second to none in the industry. 


I’ll start with his professionalism where he made every step of the negotiation easy and even fun! 


Followed by the build out which was a breeze! We worked with him from concept to completion of our dream home and he was always by our side and on our side. It truly felt like he was going to live here with us! 


From the structural aspects of the build out, to the design, style and aesthetics, Chris knows his stuff and used that knowledge to help us make the right decisions for us and our future. We live with the results every day and would not hesitate to do another project with Chris."

- Maria Dubuc

"Chris made the process of what could have been a very overwhelming project for me painless. He and his team were easy to work with throughout the entire process. Not only providing high end, quality workmanship, Chris brings great design ideas to the table to complement the construction style."

- Jonalyn Sullivan

"Conscientious, committed to quality, and excellent follow-through” were the bywords of our experience working with Chris Horan during a complicated renovation of a early 20th century 5-story brick building in downtown Newburyport. The building presented numerous construction challenges and Chris remained steady in his commitment to build us a beautiful home. We are delighted with the result."

- Brenda LeClerc

"Working with Chris was such a pleasure. We immediately knew from the first meeting that he was honest and the type of person we would feel confident doing business with. Our unit was not complete at the time of purchase but he made sure we had constant updates and was always available to us. Chris has done an amazing job transforming our old Byfield church into 4 stunning town homes. The quality of his work was seen immediately from the breathtaking design to the high end finishes. A personal touch we loved was his addition of a piece of the stained glass from the church to each unit’s foyer. We could not be happier in our new home!"

- Melissa Ford

"I am a REALTOR and work at William Raveis with Chris. I've sold many of his properties.  Chris' professionalism is second to none. His workmanship is impeccable, I've never had to worry about my buyer being upset or unhappy in the least. In fact, I've always said to them I want Chris to build me a house, and now he is! Chris has been a joy to work with and he has made the process fun and painless. I highly recommend Chris' properties, he does it right."

- Dawn Dimodana

"Extraordinary design, notable quality construction, tasteful features, & timely completion. We love our new home! It was a pleasure working with Chris and his team throughout construction and beyond."

- Michael Cennami

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